Friday, 31 January 2014

12 Weeks Old

Dear Bee,

You are now officially 12 weeks old and turn 3 months on the 8th. What a whirlwind these last 12 weeks have been!

I have known you now for just under 1 year as you grew inside me and we are now discovering eachother even more.

You are amazing, you have the most beautiful soft fluffy brown hair, I love kissing it. Your eyes are slowly beginning to change from murky blue to what I'm guessing will be hazel green/brown like your big brothers. You have such sweet expressive eyes and eyelashes the girls are jealous of!

You were weighed yesterday at 13lbs 15oz so just one ounce off a stone!

You hold your head up so well and it's great for taking photos with your brother together.

You coo and smile which makes me melt. You are such a serious baby, you love frowning and working the world out, I can see you taking every detail in and it takes a lot of work to make you smile, but when you do it makes it even more magical. I love how you smile at me when you haven't seen me for a while.

You seriously love your milk! you are still mix fed, bottle and breast milk. You have 6-7 ounces a time! I adore the squidgy baby rolls you are developing on your thighs, they are so cute.

Unfortunately you are still unwell with your cold, you have been suffering with it since you were 2 weeks old bless you. I feel sad that you don't know what it feels like to breathe easily. We are getting it sorted though and you have an appointment at the hospital soon.

Bedtime is going great, I love co sleeping with you, I really look forward to nights now so I can lay down next to you and tell you stories. Your face is the first thing I see when I wake up and that makes me so happy. You are also a fantastic sleeper and no longer wake through the night!

You are growing fast and are just moving into size 3-6 month clothes (you have really long legs like your daddy!)

Your brother Rocket absolutely adores you and loves showing you off to his friends at preschool. He kisses you on your head but doesn't understand that you are still too little to play yet. I can tell you are going to be the best (and probably worst) of friends.

I'm so proud of you both.

Keep growing and amazing me sweetheart. My world is compete now you are here with us.

Much love, Mummy xxx

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