Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Skibz Bibs Review

We were sent one of Skibz bibs to road test with Bee a few weeks ago now. The design we were sent is the Cowboy Star original dribble bib in red and white (you can buy it HERE).

When Rocket was a baby I didn't know much about bandana style bibs so completely missed out, but since Bee has been here, they are pretty much all the style that he wears now.

My first thought was that at £8 each, they were a bit on the costly side for us but after comparing them to other dribble bibs around, the quality speaks for itself.

Skibz are made of 100% cotton are exceptionally thick with brilliant absorbancy. I can get twice as much time out of Bee wearing his Skibz than I can from a supermarket brand dribble bib.

At the moment of course, Bee is still very young (he is 12 weeks old) but he constantly has his hands in his mouth so his clothes do get soggy - which is why we love the Skibz as it looks like part of his outfit and firs snug around his neck comfortably. There are 2 popper choices on the Skibz so it can grow with him which is great.

They also wash well so I predict it will have a long lasting job to do when Bee turns into a teething

If you head on over to the Skibz website, you can see all the fabulous different designs you can choose from, as well as other awesome products that they sell.

We are very pleased with Skibz and as teething approaches, we will be stocking up!

You can follow Skibz on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and on Instagram ( @SkibzBibs )

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