About RocketAndBee

Hello and welcome to my blog, RocketandBee!

My name is Laura and I'm mummy to an incredibly active and outgoing little boy who is now 3.
 Rocket (as known here on the blog) was born on Valentines day 2010, 6 weeks premature weighing a hefty 5lb 10oz which was great for his gestation. After 10 days in SCBU fighting infections because I had had Strep B during labour, he was let home to start his life with us!

Fast forward to now (2013) and I'm pregnant with baby number 2 who is due on 29th November (although I doubt i'l make it to term going on my previous history).

I hope you enjoy reading the ups and downs of our family life and also following my journey as a Hypermobility Syndrome and Fibromyalgia whilst also dealing with Misophonia! (it's a bumpy ride!)
disabled mum with


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