Monday, 13 January 2014

My top baby reviews of the first 2 months!

Now that Bee is 9 weeks old I thought it was time to round up the products that I've found the most helpful or pleasing to use! Of course I can't list everything but I hope this will help you discover some things you didn't know about :)

Theraline - The Original Maternity and Pregnancy Pillow

Oh my gosh! this pillow has been an amazing support for me. I received it when I was pregnant with Bee and it really helped getting comfortable at night using it in between my legs to support my hips until the last month when my SPD was bad and there was no way I could get comfortable with or without!
 I used it to prop myself up in bed which was useful for the horrid heartburn I suffered with.
The pillow is nice and long and filled with micro beads which mould to the shape of your body, making you as comfortable as possible. My mum was so impressed she went and got herself a Theraline pillow too!

as a photography support!
When Bee was born I was in alot of pain from the birth, especially with my fall I had and the pillow became my best friend. It literally helped me support Bee and made it possible to get comfortable enough to breastfeed.

We use the pillow every day still and I don't see me ever stopping. Its great for me because of my HMS and can support my joints in so many ways.

One of the surprise uses we have had from it is a photography support! It helps Bee with his tummy time and I get some great snaps of him and his brother.

I would highly recommend this maternity pillow, is a product that has so many uses and you will definitely get your moneys worth!


The MamaScarf is a nursing cover designed to help mothers breastfeed in public whilst keeping fully covered, making it relaxing and discrete.
 I struggled badly with breastfeeding, especially in the early days and we went to Center Parcs when Bee was only 10 days old and I took my MamaScarf with me.
 I never ended up feeding in public but that was due to not being able to get my joints into a comfortable enough position and with him fighting the latch it was too much.
 However I ended up wearing my MamaScarf every day we were there! Not only is it stylish and actually looked funky it also gave me confidence that if i leaked through my breast pads that I would have extra cover as I was embarrassed people would see! Plus it hid my very new wobbly mum tum!
  Its a beautiful piece of material made out of 100% cotton and it washes brilliantly. Its nice and big, can cover any age baby and can help with confidence to feed anywhere. I love the MamaScarf!

SwaddleMe Swaddle Banket

This was actually a hand me down from a friend but I have to include it as it ROCKS! Bee didn't have it for the first couple of weeks and none of us got any sleep at all. When we swaddled him in this blanket he started sleeping 5 hours straight! It's so easy to use and is a nice snug fit around his arms but leaves his hips and legs to move freely. He is now growing out of the one he has and I will definetly be buying the next size up as we plan to swaddle him for as long as possible. He still has a very strong startle reflex.
 Thumbs up for the SwaddleMe!

Softly Snail Baby on Board - Little Bird Told Me

We were sent the Softly Snail Baby on Board for the back window of our car. I adore this range which is cute and colourful and unisex. The sign gently sways in the window to catch the eye of the driver behind so they know you have a little bundle in your car and to keep their distance.
 Unfortunatly ours managed to fall out whilst shopping sometime and we didn't notice so just make sure it's stuck on nice and secure as its a shame to lose such a pretty sign.

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System

When Rocket was born we never had a nappy bin and ended up with bags of nappys waiting to be thown out in the black bin outside, so I was really excited to try it out.
 It's been great so far, we have used it for 2 weeks and there is no smell at all coming out from the bin (its been emptied twice). Its an easy design of lifting the lid, placing the nappy in and pushing it down below the level, twisting the handle then closing the lid.
 We keep ours in the lounge but it's easy to transport it to the bedroom at night for nappy free peace of mind ;)
I'm awaiting a delivery of new cassettes for it at the moment so my tip is to buy them ahead of time so you're not waiting to use it. They come in packs of three and are pretty reasonable.
 Although a nappy bin is a bit of a luxury, it's one luxury I am glad to have!

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