Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mummy Stress!

This week really has been the toughest since becoming a mum! Bee is (I'm guessing) teething... dribbling everywhere, screeching, screaming, crying, more screaming.. it's exhausting and last night actually left me in tears.

I took him for his audiology appointment yesterday as we had concerns he couldn't hear due to the wax build up, we were kind of right.

Bee passed on his left ear but failed his right, they think he has a build up of gloop behind his ear drum which should sort itself out over time but we have to go back when hes 7-8 months for further tests.

They weren't too concerned as you only need to be able to hear out of one ear for speech and learning development so that is a relief, I'm also glad its only one ear, although I'm pretty sure a couple of weeks ago he couldn't hear at all bless him.

Rocket is doing extremely well, loving preschool and as inquisitive as ever but I am loving teaching and explaining things to him and am fascinated by the things he learns at preschool and comes home to tell

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