Thursday, 25 July 2013

Anomaly Scan - 21+4 weeks!

The day for my 20 week scan finally rolled around! I hadn't actually been desperate for a scan like I was with Rocket as I had that gender scan at 6 weeks so I already had my scan 'fix' so I waited patiently.
 I had specifically asked for a Tuesday so Bumbles daddy could be with me as he missed the last 2 scans due to work so that's what had pushed the scan date back.

I was so nervous in the morning.. I don't even know why I felt like that, I knew he was fine as he was wiggling about but I guess knowing that something could be wrong with his heart or other organ got me in a panic.

9am was my scan and at about 9:15 I was called through by a smiley looking Ultrasound tech (which made me feel better as my last one wasn't so friendly!) and I also had a trainee tech in there too which was pretty cool as I got to hear more explained than I would in a normal scan.

He is still most definitely my little boy ;) and all was going well with the scan apart from him being in a really awkward position (transverse upside down!) but she saw the brain and lips, all was OK.... then she tried to see the heart and she went quiet and seemed to spend ages looking. She then got me to lay on my side and when that didn't move him she sent me off for a walk for 20 minutes to try get him to move so A and I went to the cafe and had some food and drink and jumped up the stairs.

When we got back she said she still couldn't see properly (although he had moved *success*, printed off some pictures then told me she needed to go get another ultrasound tech.. I was terrified at that point and thought for sure there was a problem with my little boy and the wait seemed like forever and a day.

In came the second ultrasound tech who took over to look for herself and they chatted amongst themselves for a while and it was just because he was in an awkward position and finally they agreed that everything looked OK with his heart *Que massive sigh of relief*

So all in all it was a roller coaster of emotions and I was glad to walk out with a lovely picture of my second little bundle!

Next appointment is next week.

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