Friday, 12 July 2013

20 Weeks Pregnant! Feelings and update

So in a 'normal' pregnancy I'm now half way there! (if you go by Rocket's pregnancy then I'm quite over half way already! That's crazy!)

 For some reason, this pregnancy is whizzing by alot faster than Rocket's pregnancy did. Maybe its because I'm running around after him, maybe it''s because I'm more chilled now.. or just because as you grow up, time disappears!

I'm quite OK with the speed of it though. I feel him move alot each day now.
 He has his quiet times but then will give me a big kick and I will know all is well.

Prior to getting pregnant, I had spent a few months working hard to lose weight and I lost 2 stone and was feeling a lot better in myself and I honestly believe that helped me get pregnant after trying completely unsuccessfully for 20 months.
 Recently I have been struggling with my body image and the way pregnancy is changing my body. Being a bigger girl I was aware that I wouldn't have a 'bump' for quite a while but after my stomach shrinking earlier in the year, watching the baby push out the fat was absolutely terrifying for me and I haven't really talked about it til now.

Luckily in the past week I have started to see a difference myself (I'm not too sure if strangers could tell though!) but even with the dreaded 'B' belly, my upper tummy seems to have 'popped' and I know that it's because Rocket ruined my stomach muscles and that Bumble is still only up to my belly button but have a feeling I'm going to be huge by the end of this pregnancy, especially if I go past the 34 week mark!

I love nothing more than waking up first thing in the morning and looking down to see if the bump has grown! I remember doing the same thing when pregnant with Rocket and it puts a smile on my face.

Rocket is now really into becoming a big brother, he talks about holding him in November and how my tummy is going to grow and how he will help with nappies, it's so sweet.
 When I listen to the baby's heartbeat on the Doppler, Rocket has to listen to the baby in HIS tummy! He tells strangers too ha ha.

My 20 week scan isn't until July 23rd as I wanted a specific day so my husband could come so it's a little later than when I had Rockets. But as I had a 16 week scan that seems to have tided me over, especially as I already know he's a little boy.

I had follow ups after having borderline high BP but that seems to be under control now and the next consultants appointment I have is shortly after my 20 week scan.

As it's only a couple of weeks away I leave it there and I'll update with the scan pictures on the 23rd!

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