Friday, 24 May 2013

The Journey So Far! - Scan Pictures Included!

It's been such a huge relief to get to 13 weeks! I have suffered from anxiety from the get go in this pregnancy, even after having two early scans ( to determine the location of the embryo after a previous ectopic pregnancy).

We had been trying for this little one for 20 months and I had got to the stage where I was convinced it would ever happen, so you can imagine my surprise when the pregnancy test gained 2 lines!! (especially as it's not a month where we had tried much!)

I ran around like a mad person, shouting, shaking and feeling pretty amazing! But soon after I peeled myself from the ceiling, the realisation kicked in that I'd have to go through the HCG blood tests and wait for my early scan before I should be letting myself feel happy.

All went well with the HCG counts and they doubled nicely, backed up by my (what I thought was a ) 6 week scan, which only showed a sac with a foetal pole, no baby or heart beat.. which I was expecting going by my dates.

It was a long 10 days to wait until the next scan, which was really a reassurance one as I hadn't seen the heartbeat.. and by my dates I should have been 8-9 weeks but a little flashy baby blob sat there measuring 7 weeks and 2 days ( exactly the right growth from the first scan) so from then on, I knocked myself back counting myself as 7 weeks 2 days to be safe!

My 12 week scan approached and I felt awful with anxiety, I had totally convinced myself that my baby had passed away and there would be no growth on the scan, I made myself quite ill with worry and even apologised to my family, just in case that was the case!

When she put the wand on my tummy, those moments of silence were deafening but then there it was, the sentence that changed it all.. "there is baby's heartbeat" INSTANT RELAXATION.

My little baby was jumping around so much she struggled to get the measurement's, s/he was also on their tummy so the sonographer told me to go drink more and come back in 20 minutes for a re scan so she could see more.

So fit to burst I hopped back up on the table and she still couldn't see clear.. (I have a bit too much extra blubber round that section!) so we ended up doing a Trans vaginal ultrasound and apart from it  being incredibly uncomfortable (despite emptying my bladder prior, there was a constant filter down of what I had just drunk!) the picture was amazing! I could see everything, the baby's fingers, brain, nose. It was incredible!

Unfortunately the sonographer still couldn't get the measurements for the Nuchal Translucentsy (sp?!) test but she did say that it looked within reasonable limits and I am still having the blood test for it after 14 weeks.

The bambino (I thought was 12 weeks exactly) measured at 12+5 so I was only one day out of my original dates and baby caught up pretty quickly! my official due date is 29th November 2013!

I'm praying I can get this little one to 36 weeks or past (Rocket was 6 weeks premature) I have a lot to ask my consultant when I see them!

So for now I'll leave it there but I'm incredibly happy and relieved I can finally share the amazing news :)

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