Friday, 31 May 2013

Cybher, i'm comingggggg!

I am so so excited to be packing my bag (very last minute!) to be attending Cybher tomorrow after not thinking I would be going until recently!

These are the times of the year I look forward to as I get to see some amazing friends who I speak to daily but not see!

This year I'm attending with (what would be a 'bump' if I was several stone less than I am ) my little not so little 14 week secret :P so no drinking for me at the after party. but I shall be there to make sure the fantabulous Fi gets back to her room OK! ;)

So yes, I had better finish getting myself ready as I have to be up at 5am for a shower then off to catch a train not long after 6am!

Have got my compact camera on me so expect a lot of silly pics soon!

See you tomorrow!!!

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