Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Springtimes here!

Gosh this winter has been dull! I'm so thankful for the lighter evenings and beautiful sunshine we have had for a few days, although it's not meant to last! (we can hope ;) )

Having a newborn over winter made it even more difficult for me to get Rocket out the house and between my hormones, a small baby and my HMS being just as bad as it was during the pregnancy I became a bit of a prisoner to the indoors.

Rocket is an amazingly active little boy, he is definitely the outdoors type and thrives outside so I did feel guilty that most of the colder weeks he was in front of CBeebies and the Disney Channel!

We were actually sent some vitamin D drops from Natures Aid that are suitable for the whole family including breastfeeding babies. So we have been giving drops to Rocket whilst the sun was no where to be seen! Hopefully it has been working, I'm not too sure how you know if you are getting enough vitamins or not but I feel happier as a mum knowing he is getting that supplement.

Now the flowers are blooming I have actually been enjoying short walks with the boys (as much as I can handle right now!) But we have many plans for the warmer weeks to come!

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