Wednesday, 30 October 2013

35 Weeks!

I cannot believe I am sitting here writing a post at almost 36 weeks pregnant! After having Rocket at 34 weeks (and being in hospital since 33) It's been a shock to everyone that this little man is still clinging on in there!

I've had growth scans which show he is on the top line, as was his brother so I am looking forward to bringing a good size bundle home with me and with every day he stays in there the chance of him leaving hospital with me increases and that makes me one very happy mama!

I have bad SPD now on top of my HMS pains so it has been a struggle and of course going over what I did with Rocket, this is all new territory to me! I'm the biggest I've ever been! (not weight wise though thankfully!)

My midwife popped around this morning and everything was looking great, Bumble is 3/5ths engaged and although I know as a second baby he can pop out my pelvis at any time, I'm taking this as a good sign that he's getting ready to come out for cuddles soon.. even though I feel like I'm walking with a bowling ball between my legs and feel like I'm being kicked up the middle of my girly parts!

My blood pressure which has been consistently high over this pregnancy was absolutely perfect today so that was brilliant news to me as I know my consultant has been flapping over it, I just hope it stays on the lower side now!

Thinking of dates this bambino could be born (tomorrow, Halloween would be awesome ;) ) ha ha having already bagged myself a Valentines baby, how awesome would Halloween or Bonfire night be :P although probably better for bonfire night as its 'full term' then! shame you can't choose!

My next growth scan is next week at 36+4 and I shall be talking to the consultant then about
possible induction at 37 weeks if he's not here before as the pain and immobility I am experiencing is actually stopping me from looking after Rocket on my own, that and every time I get up to pee in the night I almost fall from the pain, it's a hard road!

As incredibly blessed as I am to be given these two miracle boys, Bumble is definitely my last baby as I can't physically carry anymore. I am looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life with my boys and my husband and growing up as a complete family.

Just got to get through the birth next! Eeekkk!

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