Thursday, 13 June 2013

16 Weeks Pregnant (tomorrow)

Wow! time sure is flying by now, condidering I found out at 3 weeks with a HGC level of just 20 something!

I turn 16 weeks tomorrow then on Saturday I have a private gender scan booked so hopefully we can find out just who is growing in there! I didn't find out til the NHS 20 week scan with Rocket and it wasn't a brilliant experience as the ultrasound tech wasn't the most friendly person in the world but I totally understand that the anomily scan is there for them to do measurements and not to spend time explaining things to the parents and looking for the sex, so infact we were lucky we even found out.

This time I wanted it to be a special experience where I could see on the big screen and share the experience with family (mum, dad and Rocket). Bumbles daddy can't make the scan so will be bombarded with pics after, and il try find a creative way to tell him the sex rather than just blurting it out on the phone!

But I couldn't think of a better way to spend my upcomig birthday money than bonding more with the little bellybug! I'm sooooooo excited!

Girl or Boy? What am I?
Symptoms wise, i'm still suffering with dizzyness, which started around 12 weeks and I even had a bout of it at Cybher! It's nothing to do with not eating or  my blood pressure, iv'e been reassured by the doctor.

Stretching pains I'm getting alot this week (15-16) lots of pains and period type aches but the doppler picks Bumble up everytime and it's a godsend having that for reassurance.

Still no hint of a bump, just pushed out spare tyre! But I looked back at pregnancy pics with Rocket and my bump with him started around 19 weeks so thats not long to go.. I just dont like the looking extra chunky look!

Finally, I have started feeling the occasional little flutter which I am sure is baby!! It's not all the time and sometimes I won't feel it for a day but it's awesome to know those little movements will be getting stronger soon and the full blown kicks!

I'l update next week as I have 3 antinatal/consultant/pain clinic appointments next week!!

Oh and i'm sure il be posting the gender on Saturday night ;)

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